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Adepticon Top 32 Qualifiers Announced

posted by TheRascalKing13
Mar 20

participation_medalWe’ve got news from Chicago that the Adepticon qualifiers for the big event on Sunday have been released. Adepticon is, at this point, probably the most hardcore Warhammer 40K event in the world. I’ve linked the sheet at the end of this post if you want to download it and check it out.

There was a surprisingly healthy variety in the armies that were brought. While I was expecting a big serving of Eldar spam, I really was not sure what to expect out of the second through fifth place positions. Let’s get right down to it and tally up these armies. I did include the alternates in these counts.


Army Count Army Count
Space Marines 15 Imperial Knights 3
Necrons 11 Orks 3
Eldar 10 Grey Knights 3
Tyranids 9 Astra Militarum 2
Space Wolves 8 Chaos Space Marines 2
Tau 7 Dark Angels 1
Chaos Daemons 6 Blood Angels 1
Inquisition 4 Dark Eldar 1

Top 10

Army Count
Space Marines 5
Eldar 4
Grey Knights 2
Space Wolves 2
Imperial Knights 1
Inquisition 1
Tau 1
Dark Angels 1
Chaos Daemons 1

Wow! Space Marines are blowing it up! I would not have expected them to rank so highly, but I’m not completely surprised. They have a ton of splash use as a secondary army. They are also packing a few of the best units in the game right now, specifically Bikes and Centurions. Their troops have high versatility, too, so you rarely end up paying the “Troop tax” for having multiple force organization charts.

adepticonThe Eldar and Tyranids are also at the top of the charts, and there’s no surprise there. Very rarely does a unit come along that ruins competition as badly as the Wave Serpent. The Tyranids are probably the best book to come out in years. Nothing is too horribly underpointed, and there’s lots of room to try out different things. Flying Hive Tyrants are definitely good, and lists like Sean Nayden’s Lictor Shame have won big tournaments like the Las Vegas Open.

The one very strange thing I was not expecting was the lack of Imperial Knights. They only showed up a handful of times, and they only appear once in top 32. I’ve found Knights to be very hard to beat, and I’ve seen them place well at other big-league tournaments. I’m curious if this was an anomaly, if people are shying away from them, or if the rest of the metagame just causes too many problems for them.

As a last thought, shout out to John McCool for having the coolest name in the tournament, and also for being the only Ork player to qualify with his triple Ork list. Stay cool, McCool.