2015 Crystal Brush Winners

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Apr 6

We’re a little late to press on this one, but I’d like to share the Crystal Brush winners from Adepticon in Chicago. The fifth annual awards competition ran from March 19-22.

Crimson Fist Captain

by Kirill Kanaev

Holy hell! The first thing I want to mention about this model is that it is not at a larger scale than the regular Space Marine Captains you’ve seen elsewhere. This model is literally the standard, two-or-so-inches-tall model that we are familiar with on a day-to-day basis. I lack the words necessary to describe the detail in this model. The face shows true emotion, and has more detail than entire tanks that I’ve painted.

I also am always impressed by what I call “flat surface” work. In this case, it’s the cloak that has a mural painted on it that really wowed me. I also am a huge sucker for gems, and this guy’s completely froze.

And also, the guy kind of looks like Vladimir Putin. I don’t know why, but that makes this significantly better.

“High Noon”

by Ben Komets

This is a phenomenal diorama, and in my opinion gives the Crimson Fist a run for his money. The diorama overall is very good, and evokes the kind of moods I feel the artist set out for. It feels like a gritty Old West scene, but it also reminds me of the kind of set building and character building from an old Jim Henson movie.

The other awesome part I really love about dioramas is the small details that bring everything together. The insulation coming out of the walls, the pattern on the pillow, and the extra tack and “wiring” in the attic all make the piece seem alive.

“The Danse Macabre”

by Jessica Rich

I’m going to come right out of the gate and say that I don’t get this one. It’s some sort of fairy looking at an American-McGee-esque painting. And the fairy is ultra sexed up. I’m just not sure how this came to being, even if I understand the mood it’s trying to impose.

Technically, it’s pretty amazing though. The colors on the whole thing are just rock solid. A few parts of it I had to remind myself are actually painted clay, and not sticks that this guy dragged out of his woods. The photorealism is pretty high on this one.

So, those are the three winners for this year’s Crystal Brush. I hope you enjoyed the galleries. Make sure to check out the Crystal Brush website for even more amazing models. I can’t wait for next year to see what great models that will bring!

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