New Forge World Website Coming Soon

posted by TheRascalKing13
Apr 10

forge_worldWe’ve received word that there’s a new Forge World website on the way. The way we know this is slightly roundabout, however. Games Workshop posted a job description to their LinkedIn page looking for a web developer for a new Forge World site. I have no idea why Games Workshop doesn’t announce things ahead of time, instead making us search around like this, but the news is welcome regardless. Here’s a link to the job posting, and here’s the description reposted.

Job Description
Do you want to bring the glories of Forge World to an ever-increasing audience? Are you excited by the challenge of devising and managing a programme of promotions to bring people to the Forge World web store, encouraging them to buy our fabulous resin model kits and the products that support them, and making sure that every customer feels valued?

Your job will be to make sure you always have a great plan for bringing more people to the Forge World web store where they can browse the ever-growing range of awesome resin kits, and making sure that all the products, new releases as well as old favourites, are promoted in the appropriate way. You’ll be working with the rest of the web store team to come up with new ideas to promote the store and all the great products on it, agreeing a plan of promotions and then managing the delivery to make sure everything gets done as agreed. That will mean working effectively with lots of different people, solving all kinds of problems (many of them entirely new ones) and most importantly making sure that the offer to our customers always looks inspiring.

What makes this job hard is that the need for great ideas never ends. The Forge World design studio never stops releasing awesome new resin models, and the quest to find more connoisseurs to cherish and enjoy these exquisite creations goes on and on!


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