Eldar Codex Review Part One: The Good

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Apr 22

eldar_autarch_iyandenThe new Eldar codex has finally arrived, and there are a lot of changes to digest. It’s very interesting as right off the bat the codex does seem overpowered. There is a massive amount of D weapons and the Wraithknight can best be described as “silly”. There is the requisite dead weight in the book, but there is also a lot of balancing out of units. Also, I know the Khorne review and battle report is delayed, but we will be getting that soon.

We’ll start this review with what everyone has been wanting to hear. Wave Serpents are now just a regular, if still good, transport. Shooting the shield has been reduced to once per game, and the Scatter Laser no longer twin-links everything. The mighty Serpent has met an even deadlier foe – the nerf bat. This is going to tone back a huge problem with the old codex. They can still jink and fly faster than just about everything, so I would still expect to see them around a lot.

The other cool gravtank news is that Fire Prisms, Night Spinners, and Falcons can now squadron up to three. This is absolutely huge. One of the main limiting factors of the Eldar Force Org was that the Heavy Support slot had too many good choices. With the option to take multiple grav tanks in one slot, you can really add a lot of variety to a single Force Org. This makes taking a lot of Aspect Warriors or Wraithguard that need transports a lot more palatable. The Fire Prism gets +1S and -1AP for each additional Prism in the squadron, and the Night Spinner gets +1S. That’s in line with previous codexes, but now you can get that goodness in a single squadron.

The last cool bit of vehicle updates is that the Vypers now squadron to six and got a point reduction. They are still a bit underpowered compared to all the other glory in the codex, but this at least makes them playable. I’ve always thought they were a cool model, so this might convince me to pick a few up.

The Phoenix Lords have all been updated. They’re a bit points heavy compared to guys like the Wraithknight, but they do ooze flavor. They’re all right around 200 points, so don’t expect to see them anymore than you already do. Here’s a very brief overview of each one.

  • Baharroth: Blinds in a 6″ radius after Deep Strike. Neat, but mostly boring
  • Fuegan: +1S and +1A per wound he takes. This is both fluffy and powerful, and really helps along his flavor.
  • Karandras: Arrives off any table edge and ignores armor in close combat. This perfectly suits him.
  • Maugan Ra: Shoots a ton of high-strength shots or a 2+ poison shot that if it connects, explodes 5″. Both modes are actually pretty good, so I can see taking him and putting him in a Bastion.
  • Jain Zar: The old crone can yank enemy’s weapons out of their hands. This is excellent, fluffy, and very powerful.
  • Asurman: He’s got a 4++, which improves to a 3++ in a challenge. He gets 1d3 Warlord traits. He gets a +1S sword at AP2. And the kicker is, he dies if he takes a wound and fails a leadership test. This guy is terrible, the points just don’t justify how he doesn’t really do much. He’s been terrible for a long time, so I guess this isn’t much of a change.

Aspect Warriors overall are a lot more balanced and flavorful. I won’t go over each and every minute change, but I will give a quick rundown.

  • Dire Avengers got better Overwatch, which is nice to have. They basically operate under the assumption that they will wipe out a unit or get assaulted and have a bad time.
  • Swooping Hawks get a bonus attack when moving over Flyers, which is just oozing with fluff, and I love it. They can also prevent scattering on Deep Strike with an Exarch. Overall, these just got a lot more playable, which is good since the models are excellent.
  • Howling Banshees move extra distance and disallow Overwatch, so they are finally playable again. They’re still less than ideal, but they are better than the suckfest of last edition.
  • Fire Dragons get +1 on the damage table, so if I’m reading this right that means they operate at +3 total on the table. That’s absolutely insane, and I’m glad they made the Dragons still the reigning Meltagun badasses of the 40k universe.
  • Warp Spiders have a wacky rule, but they’ve always had wacky rules. In the enemy shooting phase, after the enemy declares they are shooting at the Spiders, the Spirders can move. If the Spiders are now out of range, the enemy’s shot is wasted. Neat, but strange
  • Dark Reapers twin-link if shooting at Flyers or stuff that moved Flat Out or Turbo Boosted. This is actually the boringest one in my opinion, though it is decently useful. These guys in a Bastion would be excellent anti-air.
  • Striking Scorpions are Stealth and Shrouded until they shoot or assault something. They are still pretty awful, as running down the board hiding in cover is fairly weak compared to just putting dudes in a transport.

So, all the Aspects are looking pretty neat. However, you aren’t going to ever see them played, still. We’ll find out why tomorrow when we’re going to talk about the ugly parts of the codex.

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