Here’s a quick rundown of the new Forge World releases that don’t involve entire new models. We’ll have another article up within a day of the new Mechanicus and Space Marine models.

Raven Guard Upgrades

Available for Pre-Order May 1st
These are straight-forward upgrades for the Raven Guard. Featured are Mark II, III, IV, and VI shoulderpads, in order below. There’s also Mark VI heads and torsos. These are solid sculpts and would be a great addition to any Raven Guard army.

Skilled infiltrators and masters of reconnaissance, the Raven Guard Legion was the hidden hand of the Emperor from even before the time of the Great Crusade, hunting down any who would not bend the knee to the Imperial truth. Striking from the shadows, the XIXth Legion is ever prepared for enacting rapid, overwhelming assaults from unexpected quarters against the enemies of Mankind.

Legion Mark VI Command Upgrade Set

Available for Pre-Order May 1st
These are neat backbacks for command squads. There’s not a lot to say about it, really.

First trialled by elements of the Raven Guard Legion during the closing days of the Great Crusade, Mk VI battle plate was later known as ‘Corvus’ armour in honour of their Primarch, Corvus Corax. The addition of enhanced sensors provides those warriors of the Legiones Astartes who wear Mk VI armour into battle with considerable advantages over older armour patterns.

This set contains 2 Legion Vexillas, 2 Legion Nuncio-voxes, 2 Legion Nuncio-vox operator helmets and 2 Legion Sergeant helmets for Space Marines equipped with Mk VI Corvus armour.

Deredeo Dreadnought Hellfire Plasma Cannonade

Available for Pre-Order May 1st
Rules are available for the Deredeo.
This is an outrageously awesome piece of kit for the Deredeo-pattern Dreadnought. The rules are pretty good for the dreadnought, making it a heavy-hitting shooting platform with decent armor. Regular Dreadnoughts lack the ability to get this much firepower, so this is a fun variant. The gigantic Plasmaguns are also delightfully phallic, and make total sense in a game that’s as over-the-top as Warhammer 40,000 is.

A development of existing plasma-based weapons technology, the Hellfire Plasma Cannonade was one of a number of weapons first tested using the Deredeo pattern chassis. It sacrifices the range of the Deredeo’s standard armaments for increased armour penetration and allows for a higher rate of fire than many other plasma weapons.

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