May 4

tld_and_qcThe Forge World bulletins continue to be a font of great upcoming models. This week, in Bulletin #58, they show off the Warlord Titan’s weapon options. Clearly included is a Turbo Laser Destroyer, which also features on the Warhound Titan. There is also another gun which is almost certainly a Quake Cannon, which has been mentioned in various other sources as well.

What do you think? I’m pretty excited for finally seeing a Warlord Titan. They’ve been rumored about for years, and I’ve seen more than a few subpar scratch-built ones, so I’m excited to see what the “real deal” looks like.

I also think we should have some sort of MI40K betting pool as to how much a whole Titan will cost. I’ve got my bets pegged at $1800 USD right now. Let me know how much I’ve nailed it or missed the mark in the comments!

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