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posted by TheRascalKing13
Mar 15

adminI’ve got the forums back online, though all of the data is lost to the warp. I did not expect to recover any of it, as that data was not crawled by any of the various web robots.

The forums still need an hour or three of work before being they are fully functional. There’s still some additional branding that I need to get done. I also have not dialed in on a great anti-spam solution. Feel free to start using them, but know that it might be hairy for the first week or two.

Lastly, I was unable to revive the old posts. I was hoping to scrape the data from, but they only have the first 10 posts from each month. They also are missing all of the image data. r3con helpfully lost all the backups, and our old host understandably discarded their site images a long time ago.

So, we’ve got new articles incoming right now, including a list review, a battle report, and any news I can scrape together from the web.

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