32mmAdapterThe miniature accessories manufacturer Secret Weapon has come out with a new release. They are now producing 25mm to 32mm adapter rings. These are rings that you can glue around the bases of your existing 25mm bases to make them a step up to the 32mm size.

Games Workshop
has been quietly releasing models on the new 32mm bases. They say that the reason is because it makes the models more imposing, and gives them more room to be dynamic. Specifically, the Death Company release saw them on the new bases.

They do look good, but they have left a lot of people wondering if they will need to re-base their entire army. Games Workshop has been adamant that you can legally use either in gameplay. Most tournaments are flexible, since they know that it can be a massive burden to keep armies up-to-date once they reach critical size. Indeed, just replacing arms on guys that I have when a new edition comes out can be a month-long process.

The problem of course arises from the fact that some units heavily benefit from the larger bases, and some are hindered. We’ll be discussing this further later in the week when talking about the new Khorne Daemonkin codex.

secret_weaponThese rings solve the problem by allowing you to easily step up the size on your existing bases without breaking the model. You can paint and extend any flock on them, and you’ll never notice the difference. I intend on upgrading all of my models as soon as possible to take advantage of the increased board control.

The absolute best part about these is the price. $5 upgrades 10 bases. In the world of $120 Bloodthirsters, getting something for $5 feels like a steal. You can upgrade 100 models for $50, and that’s the same price as a single Wave Serpent.

2015 Crystal Brush Winners

posted by TheRascalKing13
Apr 6

We’re a little late to press on this one, but I’d like to share the Crystal Brush winners from Adepticon in Chicago. The fifth annual awards competition ran from March 19-22.

Crimson Fist Captain

by Kirill Kanaev

Holy hell! The first thing I want to mention about this model is that it is not at a larger scale than the regular Space Marine Captains you’ve seen elsewhere. This model is literally the standard, two-or-so-inches-tall model that we are familiar with on a day-to-day basis. I lack the words necessary to describe the detail in this model. The face shows true emotion, and has more detail than entire tanks that I’ve painted.

I also am always impressed by what I call “flat surface” work. In this case, it’s the cloak that has a mural painted on it that really wowed me. I also am a huge sucker for gems, and this guy’s completely froze.

And also, the guy kind of looks like Vladimir Putin. I don’t know why, but that makes this significantly better.

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Happy Easter from MI40K!

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Apr 5

khorne_easterA very Happy Easter goes out to all of our Christian readers today. Easter is always reminiscent of the Warhammer 40K universe. Obviously, they both feature an immortal creature guiding his legions while avoiding eternal damnation. I suppose only Easter has the chocolate thing going for it, though, so maybe Easter is better than 40K.

At any rate, have a safe and happy holiday with friends and family, from all of us here at MI40K. Eat lots of food, eat lots of chocolate, and we look forward to seeing you around for many more holidays!

Next week we’ll begin our discussion of the Daemonkin codex and also have our first battle report since the relaunch of MI40K! Stick around for a great week.

Apr 1

WarRabbitWyrd has released a limited-edition War Rabbit for the Easter holiday. There is only a handful available, but they’re pretty sweet models. They came to my attention from our old contributor r3con. He’s always looking for different ways to theme his Space Wolves, and there’s no denying that having a War Rabbit would be the way to build an appropriate Space Wolves Rabbit army.

If anyone ends up purchasing one of these, we’d love to see it in person! Drop us a comment and we can find a way to get your review or pictures on the site!

Rumors – Laser Destroyer Vindicator

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Mar 29

laser_destroyer_2Forge World released their Forge World Bulletin #52 from Adepticon. At the end of it is a teaser for a new model. Keen-eyed folks who attended Adepticon would have seen on Forge World’s tables the very model in question. It turns out that it’s a Horus Heresy Vindicator variant, the Laser Destroyer Vindicator.

This is a Vindicator, so we’re expecting the armor values to be 13/11/10. This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Laser Destroyer. There’s a few examples on the Forge World pages, and there’s some rules for them as well. This lets us extrapolate its offensive capabilities.

The gun appears to be a standard Laser Destroyer, so the stat block is as follows.

  Range S AP Notes
Laser Destroyer 36″ 9 2 Ordnance, Twin-Linked

laser_destroyerThat’s extremely underwhelming. It gets a single shot which is almost guaranteed to land a punishing hit on a tank. This makes the tank a one-trick pony. Compared to a regular Vindicator it has very little advantage. The vanilla Vindicator, which I will now refer to as the Vanillacator, has a 24″ range, S10, AP2, Large Blast Ordnance. It is about equally as good at killing tanks, suffering only slightly from the stunted range. The Vanillacator can put that blast to use killing high AP infantry units as well, though. This sets it apart from the Laser Destroyer in that it can effectively manage troops.

This is all still a rumor, of course, so we’ll see if there are addition rules when it is officially released. If there’s no point deduction or a fun extra rule or three, this thing might be dead on arrival.

I also want to comment that I don’t like the model. I’m not a big fan of making Rhino-chassis tanks tall and bulky like they did. Additionally, the lack of side doors, while fine fluff-wise, really unsettles me for some reason. It’s like having your best friend shave his head. The base hasn’t changed, but it’s just different enough you might not like it.

Mar 24

kawaii_skullForge World released the Scyllax Guardian-Automata Covenant over last weekend. They helpfully also released the experimental rules for them on their web site. Today we’re going to pick through these rules and figure out if these guys are worth it.

First and foremost, I want to complain about what I call “points packaging”. When you buy a unit in 40K, you get a few of the models. Rarely you get one model when buying the unit. The problem is that when you take this “package” of several models, the points value doesn’t add up.

This makes sense for stuff like Tactical Space Marines. Buying five Marines automatically comes with a Sergeant. Since they are X points each, you would expect the packaged group of five to be more points than 5*X since you are paying for the Sergeant as well. Indeed, the Tactical Space Marines are 5*X + 10 points.

The problem is that the Guardian-Automata don’t have a Sergeant. They are 35 points each, and the initial group comes with four of them. You would therefore expect them to be 140 points. They are not though – they are 155. If anyone wants to enlighten me in the comments as to why this is, feel free.

So, on to the actual review. The Guardian-Automata are a Troops choice for the Adeptus Mechanicus army. At 35 points, they are definitely one of the heavier-costed Troops choices in the game. That huge investment does give them T5 and two wounds, which will increase their staying power. It also makes them more-or-less immune to double-strength Instant Death, which really helps with the huge point investment. That also helps in a weird way because you can buy less models for your army, which significantly reduces the amount you spend per year on the Forge World tax.
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Scyllax AutomataForge World’s previous teaser in White Dwarf about new Mechanicum models has apparently come true! They released the Scyllax Guardian-Automata Covenant for pre-order over the weekend. You can order them now and they will dispatch for shipping on Friday, March 27th.

They have posted the rules for them on their site. I’ll be doing a write-up on those rules later today or tomorrow morning, so stay tuned.

Here’s Forge World’s official blurb…

Deployed onto the battlefield as elite shock troops or the bodyguards of their magos overseers, Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata have been adapted with a wide variety of mechadendrites and servo-arms for dissecting living matter with murderous speed. With an armoured carapace as durable as Legiones Astartes battle plate and powered by a rad furnace which can vent debilitating radiation at will, the Scyllax Guardian-automata are a force to be truly feared on the battlefield.

The Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata Covenant consists of four Scyllax Guardian-automata, each armed with a Scyllax bolter and various interchangeable claws and mechadendrites forming a mechadendrite combat array. Scyllax Guardian-automata Covenants can be taken in Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games and experimental rules for this unit are available to download here.

Let’s take a peek at these great models!

Horus Heresy – New Gubbin Preorders

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Mar 22

There’s a new set of customizable parts for your Horus Heresy Space Marines army. There’s shoulderpads for Mark II, III, and IV Ultramarines. Thy have also pre-released Mark II torsos and heads for the Iron Warriors.

The models are available for preorder. They will be dispatched Friday, March 27th. Without further delay, here’s the new models.

Ultramarines Mark II, III, and IV Shoulderpads, respectively

Iron Warriors Torsos and Shoulderpads

Adepticon Top 32 Qualifiers Announced

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Mar 20

participation_medalWe’ve got news from Chicago that the Adepticon qualifiers for the big event on Sunday have been released. Adepticon is, at this point, probably the most hardcore Warhammer 40K event in the world. I’ve linked the sheet at the end of this post if you want to download it and check it out.

There was a surprisingly healthy variety in the armies that were brought. While I was expecting a big serving of Eldar spam, I really was not sure what to expect out of the second through fifth place positions. Let’s get right down to it and tally up these armies. I did include the alternates in these counts.


Army Count Army Count
Space Marines 15 Imperial Knights 3
Necrons 11 Orks 3
Eldar 10 Grey Knights 3
Tyranids 9 Astra Militarum 2
Space Wolves 8 Chaos Space Marines 2
Tau 7 Dark Angels 1
Chaos Daemons 6 Blood Angels 1
Inquisition 4 Dark Eldar 1

Top 10

Army Count
Space Marines 5
Eldar 4
Grey Knights 2
Space Wolves 2
Imperial Knights 1
Inquisition 1
Tau 1
Dark Angels 1
Chaos Daemons 1

Wow! Space Marines are blowing it up! I would not have expected them to rank so highly, but I’m not completely surprised. They have a ton of splash use as a secondary army. They are also packing a few of the best units in the game right now, specifically Bikes and Centurions. Their troops have high versatility, too, so you rarely end up paying the “Troop tax” for having multiple force organization charts.

adepticonThe Eldar and Tyranids are also at the top of the charts, and there’s no surprise there. Very rarely does a unit come along that ruins competition as badly as the Wave Serpent. The Tyranids are probably the best book to come out in years. Nothing is too horribly underpointed, and there’s lots of room to try out different things. Flying Hive Tyrants are definitely good, and lists like Sean Nayden’s Lictor Shame have won big tournaments like the Las Vegas Open.

The one very strange thing I was not expecting was the lack of Imperial Knights. They only showed up a handful of times, and they only appear once in top 32. I’ve found Knights to be very hard to beat, and I’ve seen them place well at other big-league tournaments. I’m curious if this was an anomaly, if people are shying away from them, or if the rest of the metagame just causes too many problems for them.

As a last thought, shout out to John McCool for having the coolest name in the tournament, and also for being the only Ork player to qualify with his triple Ork list. Stay cool, McCool.

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors

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Mar 18

mechanicus_broWe have news that the Adeptus Mechanicus are coming in soon. There’s speculation that they will be brought into the 40K universe as well as expanding on the opportunities they already have in 30K. The models that Forge World has released are stunning already, it will be nice to see them expanded into a plastic line.

This was found due to a teaser image I’ve copied in below. You can see that there’s some binary at the top of the new White Dwarf cover. We can use the programming language perl to decode it into ASCII text. Here’s what I ran through the terminal on MI40Ks servers to decode what that binary text says.

mi40k # echo “01000001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101000 01100001 01101001 01101100 00100000 01001101 01100001 01110010 01110011 00100001″ | perl -lape ‘$_=pack”(B8)*”,@F’
All hail Mars!

So, everyone seems to think that means there’s going to be a wave of Mechanicus coming. Let us know in the comments what you think and if you’re excited for the new models!